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Electric vehicles - women charging cars

LGA responds to PAC report on Net Zero

“It is vital the Government acts fast to give councils the policy and investment framework as well as the powers and resources to deliver on the projects and culture changes that will make a difference in local communities and help achieve net zero."

Environment - Air pollution

LGA responds to NAO air quality report

“For their part councils are doing what they can to address this issue. This includes creating more clean air zones, installing clean air monitors in pollution hotspots, encouraging more cycling and walking in their communities and electric vehicle charging infrastructure to make air cleaner for our children and grandchildren."

Close-up of terracotta tiled roof requiring repair

Lack of action on leaky homes will cost taxpayers billions – new LGA analysis

Slow progress in insulating homes will cost Government at least £4.2 billion in energy waste over the next two years, councils warn today.

Electric Vehicle being charged

LGA responds to Which? report on electric vehicle charging infrastructure

"Reliability and ease of use of charging infrastructure will be vital to continue attracting more people to make the switch to greener transport"

three gas hobs burning

Councils respond to Energy Bill Relief Scheme

“The inclusion of councils in the Government’s six-month energy price guarantee announced today is a positive step which should help mitigate against some of the extra pressures councils face this year as a result of spiralling energy costs."

White clapboard house with yellow flowers in front of it

LGA responds to IPPR analysis on retrofitting homes

“All households, especially those that are fuel poor need support to decrease their energy bills, and retrofitting leaky homes will do this as well as help protect more vulnerable people from suffering cold and damp conditions that can lead to ill health."

Lit burner on a gas cooker

LGA responds to energy bills announcement

"Councils are taking practical steps to support those in their communities this winter, to address immediate hardship and improve people’s financial resilience and wellbeing, including through their use of the Household Support Fund."


LGA responds to NAO report on Affordable Homes Programme

"The importance of considering how new and existing homes are contributing to the national net zero target, along with all public funds, cannot be overstated."

photo of flytipping - sofa and toys by side of the road

Lenient guidelines leading to low fly tipping fines, councils warn

“Magistrates need new sentencing guidelines for fly-tipping, to make court action more worthwhile for councils and in turn, reduce fly-tipping in our communities.”

Man sitting on sofa with his cat

England’s leaky homes will cost poorer families £250 extra a year in wasted energy

​​​​​​​Three million ‘fuel poor’ households - already struggling with the rising cost of living – are having to pay an extra £250 a year on average on fuel bills because of poorly insulated homes, new analysis by the Local Government Association (LGA) warns today.