Climate change: resources from elsewhere

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The LGA have collected a number of videos, pieces of research and publications which may help local authorities with their action on climate change.

ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport)

ADEPT's policy position on green growth

Green Finance Toolkit for Place Leaders


Ashden’s mission is to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world. They have produced materials to assist local authorities in their action against climate change.

Climate Action Co-benefits toolkit 

Ashden has developed this toolkit, in collaboration with their 'City Region Sustainability Network', to support local authorities and others on their climate change ambitions.  It demonstrates how action on climate change can deliver many local benefits, including improved health, increased equity and social cohesion, economic opportunities and increased resilience. 

31 actions - climate actions and carbon savings

With help from Friends of the Earth and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD), Ashden have produced their 31 Climate Actions for Councils. This resource, for councils and local authorities, demonstrates what climate actions would best benefit their area – both for people and planet. These 31 actions are quantified in terms of likely carbon savings, approximate cost and co-benefits. They also point to examples of best practice around the UK.

Cambridge University

The work was carried out in partnership with Centre for Science and Policy (CSAP) and CUSPE (Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange). Here are some of the findings including reducing air pollution to achieving net zero (the second and third from the top).

CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project)

CDP is a global non-profit that drives companies, local and regional governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Over 8,400 companies with over 50 per cent of global market capitalisation disclosed environmental data through CDP in 2019. This is in addition to the over 920 cities, states and regions who disclosed, making CDP’s platform one of the richest sources of information globally on how companies and local governments are driving environmental change. In the UK, they are supporting local authorities to disclose their climate data through their platform, and provide councils with guidance and support. Follow them on Twitter: @CDP to find out more.

Durham University

The podcast features Dr Andrew Crossland and Dr Britta Turner and is about communicating energy. Dr Andrew Crossland talks to Dr Britta Turner about their shared time in the DEI Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy, the importance of multidisciplinary education and training, creating MyGridGB, Decarbonising electricity, Sir David Mackay and our energy futures. 

The Exponential Roadmap

The Exponential Roadmap highlights the 36 solutions that can scale exponentially to halve Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030 worldwide. Scaling of solutions comes from sharp policy, from climate leadership by companies and cities and from a finance and technology shift towards green solutions with exponential potential.

Forestry Commission

Trees, woods and forests play a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change. Placing woodland creation at the heart of any response will result in efficient and effective carbon capture, as well as a range of other benefits.

The ‘Responding to the climate emergency with new trees and woodlands’ leaflet has been produced to help local authorities and landowning businesses achieve net zero. It includes:

- tips on creating and managing woodland
tips on reducing the use of non-renewable resources through wood and timber products
- sources of further information on grant funding

Imperial College London

Paper on the co-benefits of climate action and accompanying video that shows how action on climate change can have multiple benefits across society

A video on what is the carbon budget? 

Climate change FAQs produced in collaboration with the Grantham Institute at London School of Economics (LSE)

If you require the raw version of any of these resources to embed them onto your website or in presentations, please contact [email protected]

The Lancet

The 2019 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change explores how we can ensure that the health of a child born today is not defined by a changing climate. It is a free article but you will need to create an account. 

McKinsey Centre and Business Environment

The Focused Acceleration report looks at how we can prioritise our efforts in four areas could help cities achieve 90 to 100 percent of the emissions reductions needed by 2030.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have produced a number of publications on climate action including climate action and the economy, climate resilience and adaptation and transport. 

UK Fires

This locates resource efficiency at the heart of future industrial strategy. They have produced a road map to absolute zero from now until beyond 2050. 

Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG) climate and sustainability events

The events of the Environment and Climate Change Series will bring together cross-sector players to ensure that these challenges and opportunities are best addressed and utilised for the benefit of industry, government and wider society.