Human resources / organisational development peer review

As part of our Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) improvement support offer the LGA workforce team provides a virtual HR/OD service peer review.

The review seeks to help councils better understand their Human Resources /Organisational Development (HR/OD) team’s capacity and capability to deliver and provides insights into areas needed for improvement. 

The five-day process focuses on the following: 

  • Strategic alignment and priority setting. Does the council understand the current and future workforce needs and use that to inform a clear vision through the Workforce Plan and set workforce priorities for Workforce and OD?
  • HR/OD service operating principles. Do the workforce and OD service operating principles effectively align to and are effectively supporting the delivery of the council’s key priorities? 
  • Capacity & capability to deliver. Is workforce and OD team adequately resourced to deliver the current and future workforce needs?
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency. Does the workforce and OD services provide a cost effective and value for money service, considering the dependencies on stakeholders and other enabling services and systems? 
  • Collaborative working. Is there effective collaborative working with key internal and external partners? 
  • Feedback session – we will develop a set of quick wins to help you tackle key issues along with providing the council with some longer-term recommendations for improvement.

Led by an experienced senior HR/OD manager, the review team will be assembled depending on the areas of specialism you would like reviewed.

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