Cyber, digital and technology

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Our mission

Improving the secure use of digital technology by councils and communities.

This hub brings together an overview of our support offer and information on upcoming events, relevant publications and notable examples of practice.

Our teams

  • General support team: Our programme of support is designed to support councils to develop the knowledge, skills and tools needed to design modern and secure digital public services. We do this by providing advice, guidance, signposting, training courses and workshops, knowledge-sharing events, case studies, grants and other resources.
  • Bespoke support team: Our team provides advice and support to individual councils on ways to improve cyber security culture. We do this through our Cyber 360s, reaction exercises and post-incident support.
  • Policy team: Our team ensures that local government voices are shaping national priorities, and councils are supported to implement national cyber, digital and technology policy and programmes locally. We do this by working closely with councils, developing an evidence-base of best practice and experiences, and engaging with policy makers to achieve the best outcomes for local government and the communities they serve.
  • Network groups: We regularly bring together council representatives and key partners to support transformation and improvement.

Our support

We are supporting councils to reach 12 strategic outcomes, which are crucial in realising the full potential of digitalisation to meet the needs of local communities: connectivity, inclusion, economic productivity and growth, data, democracy and participation, ethics and sustainability, value, leadership, organisational capability, partnership, services, and security and resilience.

Our funding

Our Cyber, Digital and Technology Programme forms part of our sector support offer to local authorities and is funded by the UK Government.


Cyber and digital bulletin

We produce a free monthly e-bulletin containing sector highlights, security updates and upcoming events. You can subscribe to our Cyber, Digital and Technology bulletin online.

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