Digital switchover partner toolkit

We have designed a toolkit for councils and partners to use to raise awareness of the digital switchover. Local government has a critical role to play in the digital switchover to implement the solutions required to support residents and prevent impact on their day-to-day life. The toolkit contains assets aimed at residents to raise awareness of the upcoming switchover.

Why we've made this toolkit

The content is designed to raise awareness of the switchover and its implications in people around those who use telecare devices, whether that's a family member, neighbour, friend or client, through social media. This links to printable leaflet template with two versions, designed to be printed and either sent directly to residents or available in community spaces for them to take away.

What the toolkit contains

The toolkit contains social media assets with sample post text and text to include in a website or email bulletin. It also contains three versions of a printable A4 leaflet with easy to understand information and directions; with pictures, text only and one with space for partner logos and text.

You can download the toolkit from the LGA's Dropbox folder.

3 leaflet templates with digital switchover information


a group of assets with photos of people using telecare products/home telephones and text about the digital switchover


Feedback or questions

If you have any comments or questions please email [email protected].