Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is the LGA's flagship development programme for councillors in leadership positions. Refreshed and updated for the current challenges faced across local government, the Leadership Academy delivers for local leaders a step change in leadership behaviours, strategies, skills and mind-set. 

The Leadership Academy Programme is recognised by The Institute of Leadership and Management, the UK's leading award winning body for leadership and management.

Local politicians are facing an environment of multiple challenges and opportunities; from reducing budgets and re-shaping services to diverse community challenges and complex political alliances. Developing the skills for effective local leadership is vital to ensure councillors can rise to these challenges and make the most of the opportunities to benefit their communities.

2020/21 Leadership Academy dates

Weekend Programme 191:  Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry

Module 1: Saturday 10 October – Sunday 11 October 2020
Module 2: Saturday 14 November – Sunday 15 November 2020
Module 3: Saturday 5 December – Sunday 6 December 2020

Weekday Programme 192:  Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry
Module 1: Thursday 15 October – Friday 16 October 2020
Module 2: Thursday 12 November – Friday 13 November 2020
Module 3: Thursday 10 December – Friday 11 December 2020
Weekday Programme 193:  Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry
Module 1:Thursday 15 October – Friday, 16 October 2020
Module 2: Thursday 19 November – Friday, 20 November 2020
Module 3: Thursday 10 December – Friday, 11 December 2020
Weekend Programme 194:  Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry
Module 1: Saturday 24 October – Sunday 25 October 2020
Module 2: Saturday 28 November – Sunday 29 November 2020
Module 3: Saturday 9 January – Sunday 10 January 2021
Weekend Programme 195:  Warwick Conference Centre, Coventry
Module 1: Saturday 7 November – Sunday 8 November 2020

Module 2: Saturday 5 December – Sunday 6 December 2020
Module 3: Saturday 9 January – Sunday 10 January 2021

Benefits of attending

  • understand your own leadership style and improve your leadership capabilities
  • understand and implement effective leadership strategies for the current environment
  • work on your own specific challenges relevant to your councils
  • develop a ‘leadership toolbox' of techniques and strategies for different situations
  • taking your learning back to your councils
  • working with peers from other parties and councils
  • receive an accredited certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management.

About the programme

The Leadership Academy is a modular leadership development programme with three, two-day residential modules which take place over a three month period.

Module 1: focuses on leading through relationships. This module explores how councillors can develop, maintain and use relationships – both internal and external – to provide effective leadership at the political, organisational and wider community levels.

Module 2: looks at leading innovation and change. This module will develop councillors' ability to lead and manage complex change to improve effectiveness and efficiency and to achieve better outcomes for the community.

Module 3: explores leading communities and place. The focus is on helping councillors to communicate with and provide leadership to their communities and within partnerships to achieve growth and prosperity.

All modules are underpinned by the following principles:

  • grounded in the challenges and opportunities provided by the current local government context
  • draw on leading edge thinking
  • sharing of best practice
  • focus and building on participants' own experiences and challenges
  • provide time for reflection and self-evaluation
  • encourage bold and ambitious leadership.

Who is it for?

 Councillors who recognise the need to improve their leadership capabilities to meet the challenges they are facing day-to-day and for the longer term future of their council. The programme is designed for councillors in leadership positions:

  • council leaders
  • deputy leaders
  • group leaders
  • portfolio holders
  • portfolio shadows
  • scrutiny/committee chairs

Fees: We recognise the financial challenge facing councils and so have substantially reduced the cost of attending the programme. The cost for the first place booked for each authority is now just £1,000. The cost for each subsequent place will be £1,250. The fee covers all the costs of the programme including accommodation, meals and materials except travel costs.

For more information contact Grace Collins
Telephone: 020 7664 3054
Email: [email protected]

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