Education and young people

STRB report 2020: LGA consultation now under way

View all the relevant documentation following the Government publication of the 30th report from the STRB on 21 July 2020 including the DfE consultation documents. We are asking for feedback (one per local authority) by 18 August 2020. 

LGA teachers' pay update for 2020

Read the latest LGA teachers' pay update for 2020 - likely timetable and key documents related to the 2020 teachers’ pay award.

Joint schools guidance current rules on quarantine and self isolation with regards hospital admission 19 June

In collaboration with ASCL and NAHT unions the LGA have agreed joint guidance for schools on how to best manage the Government’s current quarantine rules and NHS requirement for self-isolation with regards planned hospital admission.

NEOST staff wellbeing guide for schools and trusts - 16 June 2020

This NEOST staff wellbeing guide provides schools and trusts with information and guidance as well as signposting to other resources to best support the wellbeing of their staff, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional LGA guidance on schools opening - updated 22 May 2020

The government announced that primary schools in England should be planning to open more widely from 1 June 2020. This LGA guidance deals only with primary schools. Read the additional LGA guidance on schools opening - 22 May 2020.

Guidance following DfE publication of planning guide for primary schools (15 May 2020)

LGA workforce guidance following DfE publication of planning guide for primary schools – 15 May 2020

LGA COVID-19 schools guidance: updated 7 April (from 3 April)

Further guidance was issued by the DfE regarding schools overnight on 31 March 2020. This additional LGA Workforce advice is designed to take you through some outstanding issues, and to provide clarity on where we have an update and where we are still pushing for additional information.

COVID-19: notice periods for teachers and school leaders (30 March 2020)

Final Joint statement - COVID-19 guidance - notice periods  for teachers and school leaders

COVID-19: closure of schools  (20 March 2020)

The purpose of this guidance on closure of schools is to support schools and councils to make decisions and manage the workforce implications for both teachers and school support staff as a result of the closure of their schools by the end of the school day today (20 March) for the foreseeable future for everyone apart from the children of critical workers and the most vulnerable children.

We advise the employers' sides and conduct negotiations with unions in determining national pay and conditions for:

  • schoolteachers
  • youth and community workers
  • Soulbury officers
  • teachers in residential establishments.

For non-local authority employers who apply the national agreements, the LGA provides guidance and support as well as access to LGA events via its Employer Link service – for details of this service or to make enquiries about what membership could provide for your organisation, visit Employer Link or enquire via email at [email protected].