Preparing for the end of the EU Transition Period

The UK has left the EU. These pages detail the LGA's priorities.

Since the referendum in 2016, the LGA has taken a neutral stance on the issue of EU exit. We have been consistently working with Government on the opportunities and risks of EU exit to local areas on behalf of councils and the communities they serve. There have been regular and useful meetings with Government and officials to which LGA leaders have raised a series of important issues, including the issues that are highlighted below.

The future relationship between the UK and the EU is currently being negotiated through the trade talks in Brussels and London. We have been monitoring these trade negotiations closely and will continue to do so.

The end of the transition period will bring new challenges to local areas and the LGA ensuring that some of the big issues for councils are on the Government’s agenda. These include:

  • New challenges for port authorities and towns, especially transport links.
  • The preparedness of councils’ regulatory services, especially the need for extra capacity to deal with increased checks at ports
  • Treatment of social services and other local services within any future trade deals.
  • Any changing costs to councils if there are new tariffs
  • The need to build strong international links to encourage inward investment into local areas.

The LGA has been clear that councils face multiple challenges in the coming months. Councils are ensuring that their communities are as safe as possible from the COVID virus. Council capacity will be stretched, and we have highlighted this issue in our submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review.

As we head to the end of the transition period, these pages provides a summary of the current key issues for councils that the LGA is raising through its lobbying: both those issues directly related to the end of EU transition on 31 December 2020 and those issues that became domestic policy when the UK left the EU in January 2020.

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Check list for business and individuals

The government have produced a short check list for business and individuals, by answering the questions you’ll get a personalised set of actions.

Check if you’re ready (

UK Transition campaign: local communications toolkit

This Government toolkit outlines specific steps that businesses and citizens need to take and includes useful tools such as local contacts, FAQs and links to guidance and support.

Time is running out (

Email sign up

To sign up to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government bulletin that includes updates on the transition period, please email: [email protected]

Preparing local government - Government updates
Please note page will be updated regularly to reflect developments as the trade conclude. The page does not provide formal advice on EU transition to councils. It provides a checklist of the issues that LGA has been asked to raise with Government by its membership.
Formal Government guidance can be found here: Preparing local government for 1 January 2021 (