Social movement for social care

Social care is universally recognised as being at crisis point. The pressures faced across the sector are intense and their consequences impact on people who need care and support, those who provide care and support, and those that depend on care and support for their own sustainability, such as the NHS . But whilst funding is needed immediately, to resolve it in the long term, social care needs to be recognised as a priority by Government.

At the 2016 National Children’s and Adults Services Conference, organisations and individuals across the social care sector came together to call for a social movement for social care. Since then, core organisations have met regularly to discuss proposals for a cross sector campaign to raise the profile of social care and the value it provides to society and local economies.

The social movement will aim to drive a cultural shift in how social care is perceived as part of efforts to secure real and meaningful action from Government for the long-term. It will do this by:

  • Increasing public understanding of what social care is, its value and benefit
  • Promoting the quality of social care
  • Increasing support from the public and government to suitably fund social care in the 2020 Spending Review

How can I support?

We want to bring as many people and organisations together to build the social movement and help spread its messages.

If you would like to get involved or want to find out more information, please email