Asset based community development and local area coordination webinar, 4 November 2020

Download the presentations from Leeds City Council, Gloucester City Council and the Local Area Coordination Network.

Presentation from Leeds City Council (pdf, 331KB)
Shaid Mahmood, Chief Officer, Communities, Leeds City Council, Helen Binns, Project Manager, Leeds City Council and Carmel Langstaff, Chief Officer Transformation and Innovation, Leeds City Council

Presentation from Gloucester City Council (pdf, 3,247KB)
Anne Brinkhoff, Corporate Director, Gloucester City Council and Richard Holmes, Executive Director, Gloucester City Council

Presentation from Local Area Coordination Network  (pdf, 652KB)
Neil Woodhead, Local Area Coordination Team Manager, Derby City Council and Nick Sinclair, Director of Local Area Coordination Network at Community Catalysts

Asset Based Community Development and Local Area Coordination Network - Further questions and answers