Candidate School Programme

Following a successful programme ahead of the May 2021 local elections, we are very excited to be holding the below series of virtual events for candidates in 2022.

All events are completely free to attend. Some events have limited places, but we will endeavour to accommodate as many people as possible.

View a video of our 2020 Introduction to Being a Councillor event

Upcoming events

Thursday 24 February 2022: A training day at Smith Square – 10.45am-4.30pm

Workshops on the day will be facilitated by Tasneem Siddiqi and Anna Marsden.

Tasneem is an experienced trainer and coach. Her broad experience, including as a BBC Radio 4 presenter, enhances her training programmes which include techniques to make an immediate positive impact, preparing messages to engage an audience, speaking in public, using body language and voice to communicate confidently. Sessions will cover self-awareness and communication, presentation and media skills, and creating a compelling campaign.

 Anna is a high energy, qualified trainer. She has nearly 20 years of experience in public speaking, training and supporting people to enhance their communications. Anna is driven by a desire to share a deeper understanding of how we communicate in the lives we all lead. She is a Certified Associate for Emergenetics and also a proud LGBTQ+ Awareness Trainer with a passion for equality, diversity, inclusivity. Anna supports people who need to better utilise the myriad of communications tools available to help them be successful.

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Candidate School 2021/22 past events

9 November 2021 – 6pm – Introduction to Being a Councillor
15 November – 6pm – Canvassing
22 November 2021 – 4pm – Social Media
24 November 2021 – 12pm – Unitary Candidates Session
8 December 2021 – 6pm – Should I start a Political Party?
18 January 2022 – 3.30pm - Developing your USP