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On behalf of its membership, the cross-party LGA regularly submits to Government consultations, briefs parliamentarians and responds to a wide range of parliamentary inquiries. Our recent responses to government consultations and parliamentary briefings can be found here.

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LGA response to "People at the heart of care: adult social care reform white paper"

This briefing sets out the LGA's response to different parts of the Government's adult social care white paper chapter by chapter. While we fully support and endorse the positive framing of social care in the white paper, we question whether the funding set out matches the Government’s level of ambition.

Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement 2022/23: On-the-Day Briefing

The local government finance settlement is the annual determination of funding to local government from central government. This briefing covers the provisional settlement for 2022/23. We expect the final 2022/23 settlement to be laid before the House of Commons, for its approval, in late January or early February 2022.

The National Food Strategy and public health, House of Commons, 15 December 2021

Everyone should have access to healthy and affordable food. The LGA welcomes the work of the National Food Strategy and want to work with Government to take forward the recommendations as part of a whole-systems approach to improving communities’ health, wellbeing and resilience.

House of Commons debate, High street growth, innovation, and regeneration, December 2021

Councils are best placed to safeguard the future of high streets. As leaders of place, councils have shown innovation in repurposing their town centres and responding to longer-term trends in how our high streets are used.

LGA response to DfE consultation: New Further Education Funding and Accountability System

This LGA response to the Government consultation considers the views of local authorities – councils and combined authorities – as place shapers and leaders, adult learning providers and commissioners.

LGA response to DfE consultation: National Skills Fund

The DfE sought views on how remaining National Skills Funding could be used to help more people benefit from the new publicly funded level 3 qualifications offer, skills bootcamps and how it can meet critical skills needs. This LGA response considers the view of local authorities – councils and combined authorities – as place shapers and leaders and adult learning providers.

Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, Report Stage, House of Lords, 8 December 2021

The PCSC Bill covers a wide range of community safety issues and seeks to introduce measures which aim to have an impact on victims of crime, those who perpetrate crimes, and wider community safety.

House of Commons debate, Access to affordable housing and planning reform, November 2021

Only a publicly financed substantial programme of council house building supported by government grants for construction will help the Government meet its target of 300,000 new homes. This means cooperation and partnership across the sector, including Government, councils, housing associations, landowners/developers, and the construction sector.

House of Commons debate, The role of local councils in levelling up, 8 December 2021

The anticipated Levelling-Up White Paper presents an opportunity to reset the relationship between central and local government and put councils at the heart of delivering the Government’s ambitious programme to improve opportunities in all parts of the country. 

Health and Care Bill, Second Reading, House of Lords, 7 December 2021

The LGA broadly supports the Bill’s focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the population through greater integration between NHS organisations and between the NHS and local government. We also support the duty on the integrated care board (ICB) and all local authorities within the integrated care system (ICS) to have regard to the integrated care strategy in making decisions. 


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