Economic Growth Support Hub

The LGA is committed to supporting councils on all aspects of their economic development plans, including employment, re-skilling, high streets, SME support, procurement and business retention.

Re-thinking local: economic recovery

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the country’s economy and as part of our sector-led improvement work, the LGA offers a wide range of support to help councils address the issues of economic recovery.

Councils stand ready to deliver an ambitious programme of financial stimulus and have the knowledge and expertise to direct funds where they will be able to deliver immediate impact to protect jobs and livelihoods and support long-term transformation of the economy, infrastructure and services in every locality.

"Locally-led action will be key to ensuring that the economy recovers in a way that addresses the long-term inequalities we have seen across the country."

Local economies are different and will need different things to stimulate them. Some require greater connectivity, some need to transition to new industries and others are short of affordable housing.

Understanding the exact nature of an effective and sustainable stimulus can only be carried out locally. In turn these decisions can only be taken by empowered local decision makers who know what resources they can expect for the long term, including from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and the flexibility to use them in a way that makes sense locally.