Employment relations

The Employment Relations Unit (ERU) provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of employment relations and practices. Our employment law and policy advisers keep authorities up-to-date on the human resources implications of new legislation and case law developments.

Latest advisory bulletin

Advisory Bulletin 695 contains case reports which address the provision of appeal processes in redundancy dismissals and the application of the mutuality of obligation and control tests when considering employment status. It includes a number of covid related updates including an end to the SSP Rebate Scheme, the extension of self-isolation rules and the latest on mandatory vaccines in care homes. Finally it includes links to Acas guidance on the menopause at work and a gender pay gap toolkit developed by the EHRC, new guidance on political assistants and their pay and the employment law timetable.

Latest - exit payments cap and reform

The legislation implementing the £95k cap on exit payments came into force on 4 November 2020. However, on 12 February 2021 HM Treasury published a Treasury Direction disapplying the cap with immediate effect, along with guidance  on how exit payments which were capped during the period when it was in force should now be handled. The Direction states that it does not apply to devolved Welsh authorities, however, we understand the Welsh Government will make a statement shortly to the effect that the disapplication also applies to devolved Welsh authorities. Further information on the cap and its disapplication is on our exit pay reform webpage


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